While I’ve certainly benefited from the expertise of classically trained medical health professionals, I’ve also enjoyed the natural benefits of natural medicine. I’m a holistic health example and I’ve used a lot of holistic remedies to help me from everything from curing my insomnia and hormonal imbalances to recovery from my heel spur.

Because I love to practice a variety of modalities in my business, I wanted to give you my list of the best alternative remedies to have on hand in your holistic toolbox. This basic home treatment list can get you on your way to experiencing true holistic health.

Holistic Remedies

#1 – Omega-3 Fish Oil –  Like any good quality fish oil, Omega-3 is rich in omega 3 fatty acids which help to reduce inflammation in all the cells of your body. Omega – 3’s (when it is not heat-treated) will also contain important vitamins A and D in the proper proportions. You Can buy Fish oil here.

#2 – Probiotics:  It is important to get a daily dose of probiotics. This aids our body to keep the good bacteria thriving. In a perfect world, you’d get all your probiotics through foods, drinks, and condiments rich in naturally occurring probiotics, I use this probiotic.

#3 – Vitamin D3:  In a liquid tincture with 2000IU/drop. Read more about why the sunshine vitamin is so essential.

#4 – Vitamin C:   Vitamin C is an awesome naturally occurring antioxidant. To keep infections and colds at bay I try to add some Vitamin C into the mix. While most of the vitamin C you should get from foods and beverages, it’s great to add a bit more via supplement.

#5 – Elderberry Syrup – A great immune supporter, elderberry is rich in antioxidant flavonoids and anti-inflammatory anthocyanin, and – when you catch it in time – can be quite effective as a home remedy for warding off the flu. Check out these chewable elderberry gummies here.

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Essential Oils

There are many essential oil uses and not all essential oils are created equal. Many essential oil tinctures can help you navigate both emotional and physical stressors which is why it’s definitely on my list.

I love doterra essential oils as a holistic remedy for a number of maladies.

#6 – Essential oils for stress – it’s worth experimenting with scents that you like such as lavender, lemon, clove, or other more potent scents like eucalyptus.  Peppermint can be a caffeine replacement providing your body with a natural boost.

I love ginger to help with stomach aches and discomfort, as well as Eucalyptus for sinus pressure that’s a result of seasonal allergies.

Over the Counter Homeopathic Remedies

#7- Arnica:  is a cream or a gel that can be applied to any bruises or to tired aching muscles or strains. I actually have both an oral and a topical on hand just in case.  

#8 Epsom Salts: Epsom salt is a cure-all for so many different ailments and a surefire way to help you soak tired overworked muscles. Soak with a half a cup dissolved in a hot bath. The magnesium within the Epsom salt is absorbed into your skin and directly applied to the tired muscles to give your body instant relief.

#9 Local Wildflower Honey: This is one of my favorite ways to build up an immunity to your local pollen and help decrease or eliminate allergy symptoms entirely!

#10 Digestive Enzymes: These are an alternative to antacids to help with heartburn or other indigestion.

There's a lot of holistic remedies that you can find at your grocery store.

Caution about Holistic Remedies

I am not a medical professional and recommend these solely on my personal experience. Please use caution when you work with any holistic remedies and be sure to consult with a professional or natural health practitioner before you begin using any of the tips above.

These are some of the best holistic home remedies that you should have in your holistic medicine cabinet. Essential Oils, vitamins, minerals, and a few other goodies to set you on a holistic health path.