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Holistic Lifestyle

How you do one thing is how you do everything…

  • Improve your health in all areas of life.


  • A healthy lifestyle is more than fitness and nutrition.


  • Upgrade your relationships with money, family, and yourself.

Increased Energy

What would you do with more energy?

  • Spend more quality time with family?
  • Start a new career? Get a promotion? Go back to school?
  • Take up a fulfilling hobby to enrich your life?
  • Create the lifestyle you desire?
  • Give back to your community?

Improved Nutrition

Discover what to eat for your unique body type.

  • Determine which foods give you energy and which ones drain you.
  • Meal plans and grocery shopping guides customized to your goals, tastes, and schedule.
  • You’ll learn how stress affects your digestion and what to do about it.
  • Eliminate cravings, mood swings, and bloating without restrictions.

    And, More…

    • Improved sleep
    • Find forms of movement you love
    • Increased satisfaction with life
    • Rid yourself of excuses and feelings of guilt
    • Finally have the right system, support, and accountability to reach your goals
    • Start living your legendary life

      Hunter is a gem of a human! She helped me to release a lot of the limiting beliefs and negative emotions that were holding me back from reaching my fullest potential. She has a very warm and grounding energy & presence that made me feel comfortable to open up to her about my own story and my goals. She created a really safe space for me to share with her what I was going through. She is a natural coach and I feel so grateful to have spent a whole week working with her! I have no doubt her story and natural talents will touch and help the lives of many others.

      Cait R.


      Hunter is a natural! Her extensive background and knowledge in many areas of wellness and therapy make her the perfect lifestyle coach. She is warm natured, empathetic and extremely intelligent. I highly recommend her as a coach.



      Wow ! Thank you so much for all of your expert advice. You have helped me to realize that the words I was using were not ideal for a positive mindset and manifesting the goals I want to achieve in my life. In fact, one has already happened since our chat!  If you get the chance to work alongside Hunter she is inspirational with her vision to help others
      Thank you again.



      Free to Be was created...

      * Because PRE-habilitation is better than RE-habilitation.

      * To Offer Outside of the Box Solutions to Your Health and Life Questions.

      * Because Mindset is Everything!

      * So That You Can Reach the Results you Desire.

      * Because anything is possible. 

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