Hello, Hunter here!


She thought she could so she did.

Your past doesn’t have to be your future.

I was the CEO of a highly successful seven-figure hospitality and events company. I was married to the love of my life. I lived in Carmel, California, one of the most beautiful areas in the country, while also being a mom to my son, and a handful of fur-babies. I was working in my family’s business helping to build an empire to pass along to the next generation.

I had everything: talent, education, career, husband, family and an exciting future with endless possibilities.

I was supposed to be happy. I was supposed to be living my best life. I appeared to be the epitome of what hard work and a little bit of magic looked like. My unofficial work title was, “The Queen of Everything.”

The walls didn’t come crashing down all at once. It was a gradual shift, one I didn’t notice because I always lived in my head. I gained an enormous amount of weight and started suffering from heart palpitations due to panic attacks and crippling anxiety. I had horrible insomnia and more ailments just kept cropping up.

I was severely burned out, unhealthy, depressed, overweight and numbing/comforting/medicating myself with alcohol and food.

In my sincere desire to build something meaningful, create financial stability and impact lives, I lost myself.

Faced with the choice of having a heart attack at 35 or leaving my 11 year career, I chose me. Even more frightening was that I had no plan for what was next.

The recovery was long and hard. I’ve realized that I’m not the Queen of Everything. That’s an unrealistic standard. I’m a burned out former CEO on a journey to reclaim my health and discover who I am; a driven, type A planner with a, “Sure, why not,” attitude.

Now, like many mothers, wives and female entrepreneurs, I am on a journey with an unknown path and destination. I am learning to accept the unknown.  I was my first client and have successfully transformed my life. I do believe that everything happens for a reason. The purpose of my pain and suffering is to help you avoid it in your life. If you’re already there, I can support and guide you to recovery.

This is a time of awakening, transformation and discovery.

P.S. Here’s a secret I’ll share with you, I don’t have your answers. YOU have your answers. What I do have is the ability to ask the right questions, provide the right support and to hold you accountable so that you can live your legendary life.  I want you to find yourself again, reignite your spark and discover your superpower.

Ready to start your journey?